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I'm Black. In my culture, I'm actually considered "Black Black." You can laugh, but be mindful that I'm being very serious. Black people have inarguably dealt with consolidated levels of discrimination, inequities, injustices, economic and health disparities, and so much more during and before the pandemic. If you disagree, you're either a hater or a racist. Neither disposition serves this country nor the Diaspora well. 

The reality is Black people have been pacified by "we'll get around to you soon enough" politics, and that will not be tolerated anymore. This is NOT about a militant coup like the January 6th terrorists. This is about exactly that which I think Ice Cube and his team intended through assertion of a Black Contract with the United States - negotiating our constitutional rights that have been violated and infringed upon and making our demands for relief known AND EXPECTING the United States of America to respectfully and seriously acknowledge the validity of our collective complaint and offer a reparation settlement amongst other forms of relief that is NOT insulting.

I know that he has legal counsel advising him, but the contract in and of itself presents some unavoidable legal issues. I would like to lend my legal acumen to the efforts on Black equity, including Ice Cube's Black Contract. As your Mayor, I will seek a meeting with him and his team to discuss strategic implementation and actionability on the legal doctrine they've considered. We, Black people, need establish an association or foundation, expectedly similar to that for the advocacy of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Descendants, and thereby assert legal standing OR otherwise assert a class action lawsuit on our demands. There are significant intracacies and complexities entailed, but I'm willing to advocate for US. Vote for me and give me a VIABLE opportunity to do so. 


In the interest of not coming off dismissive, I'll elaborate on my one word affirmative response from the previous design of my campaign website. My answer, then, was YES to the question of whether I support a women's right to abortion amongst other women's related rights.

This matter is much less complicated than the fight against racism in America. Genderism is definitely a terrible reality and entails its own share of intracicies and complexities. However, regarding abortion and sexual health, it's quite simple, both generally and legally. It's astounding that courts remain still undecided overall.

Pregnancy is exclusive to the female human. A female human is entitled to the same constitutional rights as a male human. Thus, her body; her choice. An unborn fetus is not entitled to rights at the expense of the female human without whom life wouldn't be possible. That said, I believe we all agree that aborting a 9 month fetus is NOT what we consider a reasonable act. However, within the first trimester by choice, and a later trimester at the advisement of a physician typically due to life-threatening complications for the mother, is reasonable. We must take emotion out of this. We must take religion out of this, as well. Some will gasp now. However, truth remains. Freedom of religion is a protected constitutional right. In America, no one is forced to practice Christianity nor any religion, and that does not make that person inherently evil. As a woman who has experienced fibroid tumors and life-threatening complications during both of her pregnancies, and having had an abortion

of her first pregnancy, one need understand that deciding upon an abortion is NOT as haphazardly motivated as naysayers conclude. Fact is that female humans have legal and NATURAL rights. Amongst those are certain rights to their own bodies.   


I sincerely believe that few naysayers are actually listening to the concerns and needs of those in this community. Naysayers either half-listen, as if hearing with an open mind and heart will defile their very spirit instantaneously, OR they PRETEND to listen, ready to rebut everything a person in this community says with religious scripture or misinterpreted Science. By the way, as a doctoral level Scientist, I'm kindly asking those who persist in misinterpreting Science to PLEASE STOP MISINTERPRETING MY BELOVED SCIENCE. Science has done nothing ill-willed to y'all. Goodness. 


Those who self-identify or are otherwise categorized in this community are NOT somehow unhuman. We've established supra that humans are entitled to legal and natural rights, and constitutional rights if citizens of the United States or otherwise privy under some legal doctrine. Thus, their rights are equally protected. You don't get to unilaterally nullify their rights, because their "lifestyle is against [your] religion." You need to shift your monomaniacal focus from their bedroom activities to upholding their rights to equity in WORK ENVIRONMENTS, CLASSROOMS, BOARDROOMS, et cetera. Because the truth of the matter is that typically they aren't having same sex sexual escapades during the morning corporate huddle or while teaching your sons and daughters how to solve for complementary and supplementary angles. I think we all can agree that there exists much more "dangerous" encounters with misogynistic and even sexist corporate executives (because men, too, have been sexually harassed) than our fellow co-workers in the LGBTQIA community. 


'Merica, your White Supremacist roots are rearing its ugly head with each successive breach of century old treaties with Native Americans. It's bad. It's very bad, and it must cease. If there is some condition of the treaties that somehow no longer applies or can no longer be upheld as a result of changes, albeit economic, statutory, et cetera, then AMEND THE TREATIES AMICABLY WITH THE EXPLICIT CONSIDERATION AND AGREEMENT BY THE RELEVANT NATIVE TRIBES instead of repetitive, uncontrite breaches. 


Generally, the only lawful natives of the North American continent are the sovereign tribes of "Native Americans." Christopher Columbus cannot qualify as native, because the land was already inhabited before he arrived. Thus, all who colonized America were invaders. Presently, immigrants and refugees are and remain statutorily lawful, but that's under attack. Because this country was founded upon those vehicles of settlement, dismissively denying or unduly delaying refugee settlement is hypocritical, and grossly so. Naysayers argue that too many refugees are criminals, albeit convicted or having criminal motive when entering the country. My immediate response is that I surmise that there are more criminals in our federal, state and municipal governments than those who enter the country as refugees. Again, I reiterate that refugee settlement is statutorily lawful. Naysayers argue that refugees have failed to complete steps to obtain citizenship. My response: bureaucracy is the proximate and actual cause for the undue delay refugees experience when seeking citizenship. Therefore, legislation on immigration, refugee settlement and citizenship need be amended to prohibit these delays and implement measures to guide the timely processing of a refugees' or immigrants' citizenship petition. The naysayer mindset is one of corrupt disconnected entitlement. And most pointingly most naysayers are descendants from colonizers, as opposed to refugees and immigrants. Under all prevailing law, colonizers are the breaching party, guilty or liable for the first breach, and ironically under the very laws that they forced upon many sovereign tribes who inhabited this continent prior to their invasion. It stands to reason, then, that the naysayer mindset is inconsistent with law, the law of their descendants, the law that comprises our political and legislative system now. Refugee settlement falls validly within the protections set forth in that law, and thus must be regarded, as a matter of law, and in the interest of justice. 


In addition to time provisions for the citizenship petition, there need be extensions granted liberally (freely) similarly to procedural vehicles in federal and state law to buffer the time impediments and consequential criminal implications that arise for immigrants and refugees awaiting temporary or permanent citizenship when they experience undue delays in that process. Our first response should NOT be to ready ISIS. It also appears that many of our elected and appointed legislators do NOT comprehend and appreciate the complete meaning of that acronym, ISIS, which inarguable entails "INTEGRATION SERVICES." Threatening to deport immigrants and refugees who are complying with the law and the petition process is reasonably terrifying for them, and sorely demonstrates regard for the principle of integration. The condition of deportation and detention centers is even more terrifying. America touts humane principles as its underpinning. Then, ACT LIKE IT.


These topics will take several videos to cover. I plan to post my first video at the beginning of week ending March 20, 2022.


In the meantime, I'll assert this:

1. Corruption will persist UNTIL MONEY IS OUT OF POLITICS;

2. The environment, our planet, will experience climate change UNTIL WE HEED ETHICAL, APT SCIENTISTS AND IMPLEMENT THEIR PLANS OF ACTION;

3. I profoundly respect elders, veterans, licensed attorneys, and medical doctors BUT THE NOTION OF A POLITICAL CLASS WHO EFFECTUALLY INHERITS THE RIGHT TO A LEGISLATIVE SEAT IS ANTIQUATED. Politics will remain slow to change UNTIL WE DISMANTLE THE POLITICAL CLASS and unseat the corrupt, inept and otherwise complacent and elect people who are disconnected or otherwise unbothered by the coercion of the status quo and can legislate with high ethical rigor to benefit the American greater good, as opposed to the doltishly motivated partisan "it's my turn" politics that has become common in our political system - each party anxiously awaiting their turn to stick it to the opposing party when the election is decided in their favor. It's ridiculous. It makes America look stupid.